When it comes choosing flooring it’s a big mistake not to think outside of carpeting. While carpet has its place and can be warm and comforting in the bedroom, it also has a lot of disadvantages that make it impractical and more work in many ways than it needs to be. Different from other home flooring ideas, wooden flooring is also known by far the superior option and this is something that you should definitely consider. Here we will look at some of the biggest benefits of wooden flooring and why it’s work looking into…


What are the Benefits of Installing Wood Floor?



It’s Easy to Clean

For rthose who don’t know yet, carpet is created from thousands of tiny fibres that is what gives it the springy feel and what enables it to capture air and so provide a lot of insulation. However which this is useful for some things, it also makes your carpet a lot more difficult to clean because it means that dust and dirt gets court deep inside the fibres.

Commonly understood, that is a place of a vacuum cleaner struggles to reach. At the same time, the soft material of carpet means that it will absorb anything you spill and that this will be very hard to get out too.

With wooden flooring on the other hand you have a firm and flat surface that’s non absorbent meaning that anything you drop or spill on it can easily be wiped up – meaning a lot less work and meaning your carpet will look better more of the time.

It’s Hygienic

What this also means though is that you will be able to disinfect your carpet with disinfectant, and at the same time that bacteria is less likely to settle in there in the first place as the surface is flatter and colder. This means fewer germs in the home and certainly fewer mites and fleas (an issue for animal lovers).


It’s Resilient

Carpet can easily tear over time and just being in the sun will men it loses its colour. However if you have wooden flooring this will maintain its colour longer and won’t be so easily damaged – meaning you can keep it longer before needing to replace it and making it a better investment in the long run. A wooden flooring will increase the value of your property in a way that carpet just won’t.


It’s Homely

Many of the benefits I’ve stated about wooden flooring here could also be applied to stone flooring, but the difference is that stone flooring is much more solid and much colder. This benefits definitely makes it unsuitable for most of many rooms in the home that you want to feel relaxed and homely – whereas wooden flooring still can be used in this capacity.

It’s Timeless

Carpets have a habit of looking very dated and you can often tell by the carpet when you walk into an older person’s home. However when it comes to wood this is something that’s designed by nature so it never will grow out of style, and something that has only a subtle pattern meaning it will never look too busy and in your face.


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