Let’s talk about Hikvision home security camera. It’s no surprise that Hikvision Australia has definitely become a force to be reckoned with in the home security and surveillance market. Their commitment to providing quality surveillance equipment for a fast changing marketplace has been nothing short of consistent. That level of dedication is absolutely necessary for an industry where new physical security threats as well as information security threats crop up every day.


Hikvision Home Security Camera


Hikvision Home Security Camera Features


The concept of security being a dynamic and very fluid medium is something that Hikvision understands, and they have launched a wide variety of products for security professionals and business owners alike to turn to. However, if you’re just getting into what Hikvision Australia has to offer, it can be helpful to have a listing of the best products Hikvision home security camera actually has to offer. The nature of any “hot products” list is naturally subjective; the best products of any brand will be different from one organization to another based on that company’s specific needs and requirements.


Hikvision Camera Specification


The first product of note from Hikvision Australia is definitely the Hikvision DS-8008-HFI-S, an 8 channel DVR that provides real time recording as well as a massive hard drive to store it on — 1000GB to start with, along with expansion units to accommodate up to 8 internal hard drives that can have a capacity of 2000GB each. So for organizations that require long term storage, they could essentially have 16TB of space — definitely something to add to any surveillance environment that requires it.

On the colour camera side, there is the Hikvision DS-2CD792PF-E Indoor IP Dome Camera, a good match for many indoor environments where you actually might want to remind patrons that there is surveillance on the premises, like a bank or convenience store environment. The IP technology opens the door for standard features like Power over Ethernet, which eliminates the need for local cabling complication, as well as network intercom. The dome structure makes it incredibly difficult for intruders to destroy the camera, and the impressive 540TVL quality will ensure that even if intruders do get in, they will be captured in stunning quality all the same!

If you need a camera that has pan, tilt, and zoom abilities then you will definitely want to look into the DS-2AF1-615 one of the Hikvision IP Speed Dome models that offers not only great PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) capabilities, but also fantastic quality even in low light — great for overnight surveillance. It is also an infrared camera that sports a 26X zoom factor as well as the classic dome structure that seems to be growing in popularity.

Overall, this is just a small listing of the many products that Hikvision Australia actually provides to the public. As mentioned before, it’s also difficult to put forward the best products out of any line, since such a term will naturally mean different things depending on the unique needs and demands of your industry. However, this is a great start for anyone that really wants to get a good second look at what Hikvision home security camera has to offer.


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